Aug 13, 2022
Karen Jones 
I saw God drumming he was an African man .
A drum roll is in preparation for something of significance  or importance that is about to happen . It alerts us . 
It was a strong , not just a loud drum.
He was doing the the drum roll .
“ Get ready ,……. It’s about to happen . I’m giving you notice ,  no surprises  here. Make sure things are in order. I’m forewarning you , with a heads up . “
But now God looked different and began to change in colour and ethnicity.
( this is key)
Yes a God of all and many. A God of inclusivity . Not exclusivity. 
He drums on the kettle drums for some nations , he drums in the Germanic , Franco and Anglo parades for others . And others , China’s lands .( Chang Rei, ) came to mind her influence into those far reaching lands . 
And here at home base the Americas .
He drums and calls all in his house and outside his house .
We care for our own , yes but not exclusively, we care inclusively those outside his house. 
He’s the Father of all! ( he’s the father in the house and Father of those of the out house ) Don’t laugh here! 
Be willing to flex .
Work within blurred edges . 
Adapt .
Think out the box . 
Different foods . Be willing to eat what you haven’t eaten before , share the meal at the table of other nations an people groups . For church functions order in different ethnic foods . Tai? Chinese? Korean? African  and Filipino. These where some foods that came into my mind. Variety.
Be willing to work with other languages. 
Hire interpreters if need be . ( I was actually watching hosts in the front of the church working with interpreters on Sunday mornings ,corporate  prayer times , children's ministry)  
Socialise  and entertain outside your social norms .
The list is endless Alan.
I did think being a house of prayer for all nations is a key text .
That did come through this am when you raised  the profile of pre service prayer is for all , not just elders and a few faithfuls . 
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