Here are a few dreams/visions that I'd like to share with you. Some of the dreams are a bit mysterious, but then we do live in mysterious times right now. 
March 22, 2020:
I saw images of snow falling and covering the earth. There were a few things that God reiterated and revealed to me:
-Snow/Winter is a season (It will pass)
-Snow is cold and uncomfortable (Prepare)
-Snow is white; it is a covering; it looks peaceful; it has a calmness to it; it allows the earth to rest (Peace and Rest)
-underneath a blanket of Snow there is hidden life that will come forth in springtime (Revival)
-Isaiah 55:10-11 As the rain and the Snow... (God has the final Word)
As I kept praying, I heard the words: By July it will be over. Then I saw the number 15
April 1, 2020:
When I was dreaming, I walked into a room and I saw 4 people sitting around a small round table. Each person was dressed the same, black clothing and a black hood. In front of each person was a small bowel (filled with a black substance) and 1 chopstick. 
Then they picked up the bowel and poured out the substance on the table, spreading it out evenly and creating a black square. The substance was a black chalk like powder. Then they picked up the chopstick and were about to draw on the table. I was taken out of the dream and did not see what they were drawing. I asked God to please take me back into the dream or reveal in a different way to see what the people were drawing.
April 7, 2020:
God allowed me to go back into the dream from 4/1/2020. I went back into the same room and the person closest to the left of me started drawing on the table, moving the chalk and revealing the pine color of the table. He drew a straight line down and another from left to right creating 4 quadrants. Then he stopped and I was taken out of the room. I asked God to please let me see what they are drawing in each quadrant. I went back into the room. The person sitting diagonal from the "first drawer" (furthest to the right of me) started drawing a spiral with 5 loops. When I walked behind him it was a downward spiral. Then the dream ended. Again, I asked God to please take me back into the dream.
April 11, 2020:
God has been very kind, and amazingly allowed me back into the dream three more times (in one night). 
Dream 1 - Same scene as I had left the dream, The first person drawing, who divided the table into quadrants, drew a heart with a crack from top to bottom. A needle and thread appeared and repaired the broken heart. Then I left the dream.
Dream 2 - The person furthest to the left started drawing, and it looked like a U with little bends on the top but it was on its side. Then he drew something inside of the U and lightly blew on it, and the small piece inside turned green. I walked behind him and then the drawing made more sense. It's a valley between two mountains and a small sapling growing inside. Then the dream ended.
Dream 3 - I asked God to please let me see the 4th quadrant. I went back into the dream, and the person closest to my right picked up his chopstick and paused. Then he drew the number 12.
I've been writing everything down, praying, and also reviewing the calendar regarding the number 12, and 12 Sundays from 4/11 is also July 5th.
The prophetic messages appear to be the following:
-Downward spiral is seasonal.
However, when you position yourself behind the writer drawing the valley, you'll see that it's an upward spiral. When you learn that it is in the valley where you grow, you will see that the spiral is going upward.
-God will mend and restore broken hearts.
-July 5th seems to be a target date of everything being restored.
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