Mission Statement

Raising up and supporting local church prophetic communities in healthy relationships, that help the new prophetic integrate while empowering their local churches. From this base, a larger community of trusted prophetic voices will emerge in team that have demonstrated favor and trust with God and People in authority.

Key values


Interconnectedness in our interactions with each other. To be individuals and a group that are integrous and truthful. To be congruent in all that we say and do in the expression of the gifts, talents, influence, leadership and character that we demonstrate.


We accept and embrace that we are responsible to account for our words, actions and decisions. We hold ourselves to the standard of scripture to responsibly use our gifts, talents, influence, and leadership. We do this by voluntarily submitting to and listening to each other’s input into our lives.

Trust worthy

Individuals or groups you can rely on to be integrous and truthful in a way you can respect and depend on. We strive to be congruent in all that we say and do in the expressions of the gifts, talents, influence, and leadership we demonstrate.


Being productive and prolific in the context of the season you are in. Fruitfulness is a natural outworking of being intimate with God, seeking first His Kingdom and being in good relationship with ourselves and others.

We Look For


Having a steady appetite for the things of God. A lifestyle of being strongly motivated to embrace all of God's giftings, both the exciting and mundane.


Dealing with our pride, arrogance, and haughtiness, as it surfaces by not pushing our own agendas. We defer to each other and to God's correction and instruction.


We pursue a lifestyle of learning that includes God's word and His ways, resulting in change and more intimate dependence on Him.

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