The Greatest

Commandment Is Love

Word From Katrin Allen

Here are a few dreams/visions that I'd like to share with you. Some of the dreams are a bit mysterious, but then we do live in mysterious times right now. March 22, 2020: I saw images of snow falling and covering the earth. There were a few things that God reiterated and revealed to me: -Snow/Winter is a season (It will pass) -Snow is cold and uncomfortable (Prepare) -Snow is white; it is a covering; it looks peaceful; it has a calmness to it; it allows the earth to rest (Peace and Rest) -underneath a blanket of Snow there is hidden life that will come forth in springtime (Revival) -Isaiah 55:10-11 As the rain and the Snow... (God has the final Word) As I kept praying, I heard the words: By July it will be over. Then I saw the number 15

Unify Us

We believe in Raising up and supporting local church prophetic communities in healthy relationships, that help the new prophetic integrate while empowering their local churches. From this base, a larger community of trusted prophetic voices will emerge in team that have demonstrated favor and trust with God and People in authority.


We want everyone to know Jesus, to connect with God and to have hope and faith in his future and path.


The church is a meaningful community of people that love each other like family. Join us, belong and serve.

One Thing

Sunday gatherings, worship to our Father, help you to learn, serve, grow, children's and adult's ministries.

Learn & Interact

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Upcoming Events

Quarterly Prophetic Conference

Jue 27th
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The Worship conference

July 5th
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Join the Discussion Online

April 2021
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Technology Think Tank

May 21st, 2021
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